Lindsey Rutledge

Inspire - Ignite - Impact

Welcome! I am so grateful you are visiting my website. I am a passionate about supporting others in identifying a deeper meaning of life. We all have an amazing spirit which dwells within our body. My mission is to INSPIRE you to IGNITE your spirit so that you can shine your light and IMPACT others. The ability to truly shine our light comes from having a healthy mind, body and spirit. I offer techniques through coaching, workshops and energy work to give you access to true self expression and expansion. The opportunity to work with others spiritual beings in creating the life of their dreams is  such a blessing. If you are at a place where you are 

Photo by Kelly Kuntz Photography

experiencing any of the following; coaching and workshops may be the perfect place for you to truly achieve the life you have always desired.

  • ​Want more connected relationships in your life.
  • Desire to identify your needs and/or learn to speak them gently and lovingly.
  • Feel stuck in life, and are ready to move past the barriers that are holding you back.
  • Want to learn tools and techniques to create an upset free lifestyle.
  • Want to enhance your spiritual practice to feel more connected to God, the universe or higher power.​
  • ​Become the healthiest, fittest and most confident YOU ever!

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